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Amy McDougal is Founder and President of CLEAResources, LLC. Her professional passion is helping organizations do right by their shareholders, employees, clients, customers, and communities by mitigating business risks associated with ethics and compliance failures. Amy saw a need and had access to parents to help provide PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak and formed the CLEANEResources division to meet that need.


is a Woman Veteran Owned Small Business, certified as a VOSB; Virginia SWaMcertified. 


In these unprecedented times, we are joining with our medical supply partners to bring critical PPE to hospitals, hotels, schools and other businesses in the United States.  


Check back regularly for updates on products and availability announcements:

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Ashburn, Virginia, United States


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Joel Dallow, VP Sales


Amy McDougal,  CEO


Order Terms

Terms and conditions subject to change.


Shipping, Handling, and any Customs charges are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Given the increased demand for PPE at all factories, payment will be required in full at the time of order.


Minimum order amounts may be negotiable. All prices listed here are subject to change. 

All sales are final, non-refundable, and cannot be exchanged for credit or any other products.